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The main purpose of nightguards is to treat the following dental problems:

  1. The medical word for teeth grinding or clenching is bruxism. Many people unintentionally clench or grind their teeth while they sleep, frequently because of anxiousness, stress, or poorly positioned teeth. Eventually, teeth damage, jaw pain, migraines, and other oral health problems may result from bruxism.
  2. TMJ disorders can develop when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the jaw to the skull, becomes dysfunctional. By avoiding excessive jaw clenching while you sleep and providing a cushioning effect, nightguards can help relieve the symptoms of TMJ issues.


  • Guards Against Damage to Teeth

Teeth grinding is widespread and can harm your teeth in numerous ways.  This over time can lead to flattened enamel, broken or chipped teeth, and increased sensitivity. Nightguards serve as a barrier of defense, absorbing the force of teeth-clenching and grinding while preventing further harm to your teeth.

  • Personalized for Optimal Comfort

A dentist will fit your nightguard specifically to your mouth for optimum convenience and efficiency. Nightguards are made to fit snugly and remain in place all night. This promotes compliance and regular use, so that you get the maximum advantages of wearing a nightguard.

  • Ceases Migraines

If you’ve been experiencing headaches in the morning, you may be clenching and/or grinding your teeth in your sleep. Muscle discomfort, jaw pain, ear pain, and neck pain can all result from excessive teeth grinding and clenching. However, a nightguard that was made specifically for your mouth can possibly  assist in avoiding these problems.

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