One Yonge Dental is dedicated to making patients as comfortable as possible, and this dedication goes beyond just offering top-notch dental care.

By doing away with upfront fees and streamlining the documentation, One Yonge Dental makes sure that you continue to concentrate on maintaining good oral hygiene. Direct insurance billing not only spares you the time-consuming tasks of paperwork and follow-ups but also brings about tranquility. Your ability to afford the necessary dental care won't be put at risk by the elimination of upfront payments. You may rely on their knowledge of working with insurance companies.

One yonge dental's staff is experienced in working with insurance providers. They make a concerted effort to reduce the likelihood of denials and ensure that your claims are handled efficiently. You may easily get exceptional dental care with direct insurance billing. As a result, you have a higher chance of getting the full amount of coverage you are entitled to.

Pick One Yonge Dental for an easier, practical, and effective dental visit, and bid farewell to the burden of tracking down insurance claims.



One Yonge Dental is ideally situated at Yonge and Queen's Quay, in the center of Toronto's Harbourfront. One Yonge Dental's ideal location makes it simple for you to get excellent dental services without interfering with your everyday routine.

The location of One Yonge Dental makes it unique. This dental office has a great location making it accessible to everyone living or working there. One Yonge Dental is close by, whether you're in the Financial District, the Entertainment District, or adjacent neighborhoods. Their competent dental team can take care of regular checkups and cleanings, or more complex procedures.

One Yonge Dental provides a wide selection of dental services to meet your needs. Your dental visit will be both efficient and enjoyable thanks to the welcoming personnel and their expertise.

Do not let a hectic schedule keep you from receiving the dental treatment you require. Select One Yonge Dental if you want a dentist who is accommodating and aware of your time limits. Taking care of your dental health is now simpler than ever. A dentist's office that values your time will replace the hassle of driving to dental visits.



Recent studies have demonstrated that COVID-19 could spread via aerosols. Modern high-speed air purifiers have been acquired by One Yonge Dental to provide a safer working environment for both our employees and patients.

Modern technology is used in these high-tech air purifiers to effectively collect and remove dangerous airborne particulates such as infectious agents like COVID-19. These air purifiers can circulate and filter the fresh air in our clinic several times each hour thanks to their significant air rate of exchange, which dramatically lowers the amount of airborne particles.

We continue to follow stringent infection control procedures.  In addition to using air purifiers, routine disinfection and the use of protective clothing and footwear are strictly adhered to.

The greatest levels of safety are something we are committed to upholding. In a setting where your health is prioritized, we are dedicated to giving you first-rate dental care. When you come to visit our clinic, our wish is to make you feel at ease and assure you  that we've done everything possible to lower the possibility of airborne COVID-19 transmission. One Yonge Dental understands the value of safety. Your health and well-being are our top priorities.



Since training and expertise are the most important factors to consider when choosing a dentist, you can feel certain that you are in skilled hands at One Yonge Dental with Dr Tsimerman, a dentist with years of experience in the profession.

His wealth of expertise has enabled him to have a profound understanding of dental treatments, patient care, and the particular requirements of every person. He can provide you with the most modern and successful dental procedures by constantly expanding his knowledge and abilities. Your oral health is treated completely by Dr. Tsimerman and the staff at One Yonge Dental because they understand that every patient is different and might need tailored treatment.

He scrupulously abides by the recommendations made by Ontario's Royal College of Dental Surgeons and Ontario Public Health regulations as a member of the dental community.

You can rely on Dr. Tsimerman's skills and expertise to formulate a  treatment plan created just for your needs, whether you require  restoration work or aesthetic enhancements.